Poly Adirondack Furniture

We have carried the highest quality poly adirondack furniture for many years. We have several lines and are considered one of the largest sellers of adirondack furniture in Michigan. Our lines include benches, chairs of several sizes, swings, and much more. Please call for pricing and delivery options.


About Poly Adirondack Furniture

Sturgeon River Pottery has the widest selection of High-density Poly Outdoor Adirondack Furniture in Northern Michigan. This virtually maintenance-free lawn & patio furniture is made with the highest quality materials, including galvanized stainless steel hardware that will withstand severe weather and can be left outdoors all year-round. Our colorful chairs are also treated with a UV-resistant dye, so they will retain their vibrancy even under sustained sunlight.

At Sturgeon River Pottery, we are certain you will find the right set of pieces to fit your outdoor seating needs. As Northern Michigan’s foremost dealer in Adirondack furniture our experienced and knowledgeable staff will help answer any questions you might have. We have an array of colors to choose from to match an home design and custom orders are available. Call us for pricing and ordering information (231) 347-0590.

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Products include Adirondack Chairs, Gliders, Benches, Picnic, Bar & Dining Tables, Side Tables, Dining Sets, Footstools, Rockers, Bar Chairs, and Stools.

Care & Maintenance

Sturgeon River Pottery’s Poly Outdoor Furniture is made to withstand the harshest conditions. Our year-round lawn & patio furniture requires little to no maintenance. If your furniture is situated under a covered porch or patio, there is almost no upkeep involved! If set out on the deck, dock or yard, not to worry. Our furniture is easily wiped clean with a rag and warm soapy water. For sap or other stuck on dust and dirt, the high-density poly material is strong enough to handle an intense power washing. These chairs will last you a lifetime.



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