Pottery FAQs

In regard to caring for your pottery, nearly all of the pottery at Sturgeon River Pottery is oven, microwave, and dishwasher safe. If you have any questions, however, it is always best to ask as there are some pieces that are not.

All of the Sturgeon River Pottery glazes are food safe and completely lead free.

To preserve and extend the life of your pieces, pottery should not be exposed to sudden temperature changes or thermal shocks. It is always a good idea to preheat any piece before putting it directly into a hot oven or using with hot food. It is also helpful to avoid any direct contact with open flame, hot burners, or broilers.

Following Sturgeon River Pottery precautions will help ensure the beauty, quality, and life of your pottery. If we can answer any questions for you or help you in any other way please feel free to call us at (231) 347-0590, stop by the shop or drop us a line here.

Enjoy your pottery!