About Petoskey Stones

As one of the largest purveyors of Petoskey Stones in Northern Michigan (and the fact that we can find them in our front yard) we know w thing or two about Michigan’s ultimate souvenir.

Michigan’s state stone, the Petoskey stone is a rock and a fossil, often pebble-shaped, that is composed of a fossilized rugose coral.

The name Petoskey comes from an Ottawa Indian Chief, Chief Pet-O-Sega. The city of Petoskey, Michigan, is also named after him, and is the center of the area where the stones are found. The stones are commonly found on beaches and in sand dunes.

Sturgeon River Pottery offers one of the largest selections of Petoskey Stones in Northern Michigan and our experts LOVE to talk about them. Come check out our collection of raw, polished, shaped and Petoskey Stone Art.

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